Best outdoor activities in Wales

In addition to its ancient language, stunning, lush landscapes, unique culture and rich history, in recent years Wales has become an increasing popular destination for adventure travels and outdoors lovers. With mountains and valley, fast moving rivers, rugged coasts complete with numerous sea caves, and compared to much of the rest of the UK very low levels of population density, Wales is a haven for all things outdoors. The only difficulty is deciding what to spend your limited time on!
Firstly, remember that there are also numerous possibilities for more traditional sports like football (especially after Wales’ success in the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament) and rugby. If you’re in the market for sports of that sort, Wales will not disappoint. With so many different events going on in Wales websites like have seen surges in popularity in recent years. You’re very likely to find whatever you’re looking for in the realm of team sports and more traditional sports.
However, that is by no means the only thing on offer in Wales. Over the last decades a sport that has seen an increasing in popularity is surfing. When most people think of surfing they think of warm, sunny, tropical beaches strewn with palm tress and sugary cocktails. While that’s not the case in Wales, it is nevertheless an extremely popular place for surfing, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. The waters are often quite cool and so a wet suit is part of the essential kit for the Welsh surfer as is—obviously—a strong ability to swim because the waters round Wales can often be unforgiving with deadly currents that can sweep one out to sea so be sure to do your research before you hop on that board.
Unsurprisingly, the Welsh countryside with it famed hills and praised valleys is also a great place to indulge in river rafting if you’re keen on water sport, but can’t quite muster the desire to go surfing on the seaside. With it’s many meandering streams and rivers, rafting is starting to become a staple of the adventurous holiday-maker and there are a great number of guides and experts who are willing to take you on rafting escapades.
Not all the outdoor sports are necessarily full of adrenaline. For those who wish to have a more quiet and relaxing holiday in the peace and quiet of nature, Wales offers abundant opportunities for walking holidays throughout the valleys, hills and along the coasts, with the possibility of camping or staying in small huts along the way.
Regardless of what level of excitement it is that you’re after you’re likely to find what you’re looking for not so far way in the wilds of the Welsh countryside.

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