Adventure sport in Argentina

For most people Argentina is the land of steaks, gauchos, yerba mate, tango, and football—to name just a few of the numerous stereotypes (not that they are necessarily wrong or hurtful in this case) that summarise a very diverse, nuanced, and absolutely massive country. Argentina has offered the world much over the years and continues to be a source of innovation, development and inspiration in a slew of different fields.

One aspect of the country that’s often overlooked—or at the very least not too discussed, including by city-dwelling Argentineans themselves, which is in fact the majority of the country’s residents—is the tremendous nature that Argentina has and the potential for adventure (both planned and the more dangerous kind) that that nature has to offer.

In Argentina’s northeast, where the country borders Paraguay and Brazil one finds tropical jungle of South American fame. One of the world’s largest waterfalls, Iguazo, can be found precisely at the point that the three countries come together.

On the other side of the north of Argentina, one finds the Atacama Desert, the driest place in the world outside of the polar region (which despite their massive but diminishing ice coverage, which might lead one to think that the regions aren’t dry, are in fact the driest regions on the entire planet). The desert, which also spills into Chile and Bolivia, creates an other worldly impression and is actually used to test extraterrestrial exploration devices, like the famed Martian rovers.

In the very south of the country—it should be noted that Argentina has the distinction of being the southernmost country on the planet—there is the region of Tierra del Fuego which is dotted with massive, snow- and ice-capped peaks, numerous fjords and unique wildlife. One also finds, just slightly north of Tierra del Fuego, the Patagonian Ice Field which is one of the largest (and sadly last) glacial fields on the planet.

Whatever it is you’re seeking in the world of outdoor adventure, Argentina has something to offer. From its tropical jungles to its glacial regions, to its flat and sprawling plains to its titanic mountains, there’s something for every adventurer in Argentina.